Our occupations

Our occupations It for a dinner, he told.

More Eugene did not scratch me.

If I hit Eugene in a fit of temper, he would not forgive me it never.

Our occupations should be stopped simply.

Nobody dared not only – by a finger it to touch.

Anybody and never could impose to Eugene the will.

When yearold Eugene left the entrance and, without looking to the right, on the left, went on a yard, going to look a pamyatnik To Tchaikovsky thin, darkeyed, old women with doggies, children, building , ran up extensively.

It was not spoiled.

It it was simply created by the such.

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SuchcommunicationThe cooperating pair specularly reflectsfeelings of each other.

The kid sees itself eyes of themothers.

Mother returns to the child that stream of feelings,which it sends it that is, to itselfhimself.

Suchcommunication helps to perceive better than the child.

One more advantage mutual acuteness MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONthe feelings turned to each other.

Mother feels betterthe child, and it it.

And what the rapprochement method gives to children Style of rapprochement improves behavior.

Childrencry less, they are less irritable and uneasy.

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Do not treat

Do not treat He saw the drowned man, knows,as children will be born, and is able to make of paper a purse.

And not only says that is able, but also made the paperthe purse, and mother of it is not able.

Do not treat we the child, his feelings, aspirations,so, and to games haughtily, we would understand that itcorrectly does, when with one willingly communicates, and Wad Dra the gy avoids, meets necessarily and reluctantly plays.

The International Federation of Journalists but to fight with the best friend and soon on to be reconciled, and with not lovely and without quarrels you will not want to be found.

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During this

During this From the teenager you will hear Everything is all right, normally, communication is finished!Then there comes the period of surer flights.

Most likely, in crew already some people, and your child it is not lonely.

During this period communication will be longer as your teenager wants, but not always sounds it, to get support and to hear, as you are proud for it.

Remember itself at this age, your relations to parents and to all to that occurred around.

If you are unduly persevering and persuasive, the ship of the teenager can descend from an orbit.

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And for children

And for children Already fifty thousand people regularly received inspired messages of the ten years' Bulgarian boy.

To me in the head the thought came to go to a monastery again to meet Foma, but I knew that he wants not it.

Speech after all does not go about personal contact between Foma and me.

It is a question of the wisdom of children coming to us from all directions.

And for children the most important that we listened to them.

Foma continually repeats that now there came special time.

Many people addressed to us for councils in an occasion of education of their own children with ekstrasensorny abilities.

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